The bar is located in the heart of Antwerpen, right here. Drop by whenever we're open and enjoy good music and beer !

You can find a great assortiment of regularly updated drinks. We love to help you find that one special thing you didn't know you were looking for.
Check our social media for regular party pics and updates for events, the bar and the shop !

We host concerts and other events on a weekly basis, so come check these out too. Most are organized by our team so don't be shy to ask us.

... and ask Michael about his famous lap dances ;)

Opening Times:

Weekdays : 11u - 20u
Fridays/Saturdays : 11u - 1u
First sunday every month : 12u - 18u
If it's busy, we stay open till everyone is wasted !

Meet Rock Fans


  • Shower
  • Brush your teeth
  • Wear clean underwear
  • Maiden / Manowar fans:
    Spandex mandatory.

Listen to great Music

.. so no Britney Spears or Ed Sheeran crap - Unless you don't behave.

Get Drunk

Enjoy the finest Rocktails and prepare to be crawling home.