About us

Michel gathered only the nicest, most capable, truest, rockiest, ... - well, he gathered (cheap) weirdos that would not pass out drunk friday evening (all the time) \m/
The crew got you covered from whiskey recommendations, to belgian craftbeer excellence to every rock and metal subgenre you can imagine ! Talk to us about whatever floats your goat and make sure to refill your beer until our responses start making sense to you !

The Weirdos


There's much to tell about Michel, so it's best to ask him yourself ;)
He started in a small record store called 'de dansende koe' (the dancing cow) and grew up to the legendary manager of the "Rots". After countless journeys he finally found a place that had the same special vibe as 'de rots' again ...


Luc is filled to the brim with wisdom - and sometimes that wisdom takes the best of him - but it's never in bad spirit ;)
He has survived Michel for more then two years, so he probably likes the place.


With Michael you never know what you're getting into. Might be grunting or dancing - probably depending on the state of his Pokemons ;)
His musical knowledge is limited to Iron Maiden and K3 (and he won't shut up about it). Hit him up for hours and hours of useless discussions and game babbling !


Nervous Dirk is back from a much needed break! But he's still the nervous but always in for a good joke same kind of Guy! ;)
He's been a friend of the business for many years and really wants to create a nice place for every rocker and Metalhead in town and the parkings around ;)